Creative Outline

Project Tactical Solutions is a new player in the Special Inspections industry. While the company works toward making it's mark in the industry, they'll need a website and brand presence that sets them apart.

Paper Tiger will work with Project Tactical Solutions to design a site and brand that looks polished and professional.

Key Objectives

  1. Users get a concise overview of how PTS works and the services it provides.
  2. Users quickly pick a contact method and use it.

Audience Profiles

Project Owner -

Project Manager - 

Competitive Analysis

Alan Margolin -
Photos of Manhattan, buildings, etc. Powerful in the market, understands construction. Safety, control of the process. Sophisticated, leveraging technology. Experienced.

Paper Tiger - Clearly the best of the bunch, there is still room for improvement. The design is very template based and comes off that way. The text line lengths are too long and the images don't flow very well. The navigation is more than what we need right now, but not a bad version of what PTS could become.

CRS Groups -

Paper Tiger - Very outdated design.

DNA Inspections -

Paper Tiger - Content isnt bad, but the homepage does a bad job of representing what they do as a whole.

EP Engineering -

Paper Tiger - the testimonials are a great resource when building up a new venture, it will be important to start getting these as soon as possible.

AEL Inc. -

Paper Tiger - difficult to tell what they do at a glance, main navigation is confusing

Contract Deliverables

Site Content Outline - 1 concept, 2 rounds of revisions
Theme Layout - 1 concept, 1 rounds of revisions
Primary Interface Design - 2 concepts, 2 rounds of revisions
Logo Design - 4 concepts, 2 rounds of revisions

Contact Information

Project Tactical Solutions
Max Lee

Paper Tiger
Jeff Novotny